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EDCOE Charter Students Receive Regional and National Honors for their Writing

The El Dorado County Office of Education (EDCOE) Charter students recently received National, Regional, and Local awards for their exceptional writing at a dinner hosted by the Fleet Reserve Association.  Each year, the Reserve sponsors a writing contest for 7-12th grade students to promote the spirit of American patriotism among our country’s youth.  

Embracing this year's writing theme, What Memorial Day Means to Me, the Charter students showcased their skills and came away with several awards.  Macey Deruell, a sophomore at Charter University Prep, won first place at the National level, while Hannah Frost, eighth grade, secured third place.  At the Regional level, Senior Juliana Eggert, won first place, and eighth grade student, Abriana Stewart, placed second.  Elyse Johnson, a Junior, won third place at the Local level.

Teachers WilleJune Eggert and Cherri Whiteley, who guided the students’ efforts, are two of the many EDCOE Charter educators who are passionate about providing rigorous and engaging curriculum that boost each student’s potential.  “We take great pride in seeing our students use and apply relevant and effective communication skills,” noted Principal Mike Harris. “Our students gain confidence, and it helps them transition seamlessly into college and career opportunities, which are key priorities for the Charter Alternative Programs.”

For more information regarding the EDCOE Charter programs operated by the El Dorado County Office of Education, visit our website at charter.edcoe.org or by calling (530) 295-2259.  

Photo:  Distinguished students at Charter University Prep are recognized for their gifted writing at a dinner hosted by the Fleet Reserve Association.  Left to right:  WilleJune Eggert, Hannah Frost, Julianna Eggert, Abriana Steward, Bud Sweet, Elise Johnson, Macey Deruelle, & Cherri Whiteley   

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Charter Career Prep Wins VEX Robotics Competition

The El Dorado County Office of Education’s Charter Career Prep (CCP) program provides an enriched, hands-on learning culture that develops innovative learners to compete in an ever-changing world. Robotics naturally lends itself to these goals, and the CCP Robotics Team has certainly demonstrated the success of the program’s educational mission for students.  The CCP team recently won the prestigious San Joaquin Delta VEX Robotics Competition, including earning the coveted Tournament of Champions title and the Excellence Award, which are given to the team with the most well-rounded Robotics program.  The CCP Robotics then went on to make it all the way to the quarterfinals at the 2017 California State High School Championship in San Jose, CA. “We are so proud of our students,” noted Kym Wilkinson, Assistant Principal. “It is a huge accomplishment to be considered one of the best overall robotic teams in California.” 

The Robotics program is part of a larger Maker Space elective program that introduces students to mechanical and structural engineering, computer programming, and design through applied learning.  Seniors Tom Ostby and Kalen Nelson, along with their teammates, combined their strengths and interests to build the Vex Robot that won them both regional and statewide recognition. “If the first time you try to build something and it doesn’t work, keep trying,” states Tom, noting that perseverance is an important skill to learn quickly. “We’ve rebuilt the robot so many times to correct design/programing flaws, but it’s paid off in the end.”  The team members focus their robot design on being durable and effective, which proved beneficial during competition since the robot did not experience any broken parts.  Students wrote more than 600 lines of programing code as part of the design process, including several autonomous functions. 

A major element of the program’s engaging curriculum is the emphasis on ensuring that all students are both college and career ready.  The Charter programs offer a unique Advanced Education program that allows students to concurrently enroll in high school and Folsom Lake College.  Advanced Education shortens the time it takes to earn a college degree, saving students money since the courses taken while in high school and are tuition free.  “We provide a rich program that helps students also experience success in college at the same time,” noted Principal Fred Mier. 

More information about Charter Career Prep and the other Charter programs operated the El Dorado County Office of Education can found on their website at charter.edcoe.org or by calling (530) 295-2259.


Charter Career Prep students, seniors Tom Ostby and Kalen Nelson, explain their engineering and programming processes to the 2017 State Championship judges. 

Students Earn College Credit at EDCOE Charter Alternative Programs

The El Dorado County Office of Education Charter Alternative Programs have launched a special college and career readiness program that provides the opportunity for Charter students to enroll in college courses while still completing their high school diploma.   The program, which is offered in partnership with the Folsom Lake College El Dorado Center, allows the Charter students to take community college courses concurrently during high school while earning both college and high school credits.

“We are in the business of empowering students to ensure students succeed in life,” noted Principal Fred Mier.  “This new program exemplifies that mission by helping students realize new college and career opportunities through direct college experience and success.  The fact that the college is right next door to our Community School makes it incredibly easy for our students to participate.”

The El Dorado Center College and the Charter staffs work together to provide a built-in support system.  The team - which includes an Outreach Specialist from Folsom Lake College - meets with the Charter students twice a month to ensure students are successful, including developing an individual college plan for each student.   Currently 30 students from the Charter Community School and Charter Career Prep programs are registered in the Advanced Education program, which provide transfer opportunities to accredited colleges.  

The program has proven very popular with the Charter students.  “It’s a really nice opportunity for Charter students to be able to walk right up to the college next door and take classes that count for both college and high school credits,” noted Maritza Poirot, a junior at Charter Community School, which is located at the El Dorado County Office of Education. “Before I didn’t really think about going to college, but now that I have the opportunity to go to college for free, I’m making the most of it.  I’m now interested in taking other classes to help me get a good job right out of high school.”

The programs emphasize college and career readiness and success by utilizing a rich, engaging curriculum supplemented with variety of strategies to get students thinking about, and involved in, planning their futures, including providing a variety of career aptitude assessments and hosting monthly guest speakers from local businesses and organizations, who help guide students toward a successful transition into higher education and the workforce.  Classroom discussions focus on the opportunities in our area for young adults -- whether through internships, job training, or academic pursuits. 

The Advanced Education program is one of the many ways Charter Alternative Programs help guide students toward a successful transition into higher education and the workforce.  The programs provide a variety of high quality, innovative, 21st Century programs that emphasize the development of the whole individual in safe and supportive learning environments.  Additional information about Charter Alternative Programs may be found at charter.edcoe.org or by calling (530) 295-2259.


Teacher Lisa Boyle joins students Maritza Poirot & Ondre Sanders, who both enjoy taking college classes through Charter Community School’s Advanced Education Program.