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Charter Adult Education Inspires Students of All Ages to Reach Their Goals

The El Dorado County Office of Education (EDCOE) Charter Adult Education program provides adult learners from every walk of life with a wide range of rich learning experiences tailored to meet their unique needs.  The programs have been especially beneficial for adult learners who face a variety of life challenges.  One such student is Kristy Arroyo, who attends classes at the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians Rancheria. 

Kristy has faced numerous obstacles in her life, including being legally deaf, as she only has partial hearing.  The Tribe recently purchased Kristy a new set of hearing aids, which has greatly contributed to her progress.  Kristy is determined to earn her high school diploma through the Adult Education program, which is operated by EDCOE in partnership with the Tribe.  The Tribe is supporting her in reaching her educational goals. 

Kristy has an infant daughter so she is determined to be a conscientious student and mother. “I am so grateful this time around, with a new baby, and knowing what is best for me now,” stated Kristy. “Graduating and earning my high school diploma will help me find a job and provide for my child. It has been a great benefit that the Rancheria’s Adult Education program is family friendly.”  Kristy often arrives with her baby for her individual tutoring session where she can take notes and ask questions.  Through this experience, Kristy has inspired her own mother to also begin working toward completing a high school diploma.

The Charter Adult Education program prides itself on the passion of its staff, who are committed to helping adult learners succeed in life.  The teachers are fully credentialed and highly trained in supporting adult learners reach their dreams.  “We have a wonderful staff, who really care about helping the students reach their goals,” noted Principal Gary Sutherland. “The personalized support and the caring relationships are a huge reason for the success we are seeing across our programs.”

 Charter’s Adult Education classes are offered throughout El Dorado County in structured, yet flexible learning environments, and all of the courses are free.  More information about Charter’s Adult Education programs can be found on the Charter website at aded.edcoe.org or by calling (530) 295-2259.


Pictured: Adult student Kristy Arroyo attends an individualized tutorial session with Adult Education Staff member Sally Storamski.  

Career Expo 2017 All Students Invited!

Join us for Career Expo 2017 at Union Mine High School.  

Youth Commissioners Join County Supervisors for Annual Shadow Day

On Tuesday, January 24th, the El Dorado County Youth Commission participated in the annual Shadow Day, where the Youth Commissioners join the County Board of Supervisors during one of the Board’s regularly scheduled meetings.  The students gained valuable insight into how local government operates, how the Board manages issues and policies, and how to run a formal meeting.  Misbah Shafi, Youth Commission Chair and a senior at Oak Ridge High School, stated, “It was a great learning experience!  We are very appreciative of our Board of Supervisors and the El Dorado County Office of Education for providing this wonderful program.”

The Youth Commissioners enjoyed participating in the proceedings as well as discussing ideas with the Supervisors from the perspective of youth.  "We really enjoyed having the Youth Commissioners join us,” noted Shiva Frentzen, Chair and District II Supervisor. “They bring a fresh perspective to our county's concerns, and we appreciate their insights.”

Each year the County Board of Supervisors appoints interested students to the Youth Commission to engage students in local government.  Through the program, students gain valuable leadership skills as well as being able to share the perspective of youth regarding local issues.

“We value the opportunity that the Youth Commission provides for our county’s students to become involved in our local government,” noted Dr. Ed Manansala, County Superintendent of Schools. “The program plays an important role in helping our youth see the value in becoming informed and productive citizens.”

El Dorado County Youth Commissioners enjoy Shadow Day with the Board of Supervisors. Pictured left to right:  John Hidahl, Misbah Shafi, Shiva Frentzen,Tifany Wong, Brian Veerkamp, Sidney Esparza, Sue Novasel, Christian Anglin, Michael Ranalli, Joseph Goulart.

More information about the Youth Commissioner program can be found on the EDCOE website.   http://charter.edcoe.org/resources/edc-youth-commission

CHSA’s Craft Faire Turns Students into Entrepreneurs

The Charter Home Study Academy (CHSA) multipurpose room was filled with eager customers traveling from booth to booth and purchasing homemade creations from student business owners. November 17 was the 19th Annual Craft Faire, where transitional kindergarten through eighth-grade students sold holiday decorations, bracelets, paintings, apple cider, food, and more. The project exemplifies CHSA’s mission, which emphasizes empowering students by building foundational skills and then applying those skills in ways that make learning engaging, relevant, and fun.

“Students gain valuable experience in economics and money management,” School Administrator Dianne Deitchman, explained.  “We’ve added “slogans and logos” as a component this year, so the students experience another element of marketing. Some samples include “Good Ole Coffee!”, “Nothin’ Beats Livin’ on a Farm” (wood decorations), and “Tame Those Tresses” (hair accessories).”

After selling their wares, vendors visited classmates’ booths to barter and purchase goods. Students also received prizes in categories such as Master Entrepreneurs, Best Marketing, Best Display, and Most Innovative Products.


1st Place Master Entrepreneur     Olivia Kaihe, 6th grade

2nd Place Master Entrepreneur    Joey Chaloupka and Jude Gilmore, 7th grade

3rd Place Master Entrepreneur    Riley Smith, 4th grade

Best Display                                     Libby Webb, 8th grade

Best Marketing                                Eva Smith, 6th grade

Most Innovative Product               Lilah Hinds, 3rd grade

Best Slogan                                      Faith Hinds, 6th grade

Best Logo                                         Jayden Lemming, 3rd grade

Olivia Kaihe, our Master Entrepreneur, named her storefront, “Dessert Imposters” and featured cupcakes from around the world. “There were some bumps along the way with planning, but it taught me to keep moving forward,” said Olivia. “When challenges arise, I’ve learned to persevere because, in the end, it will be well worth it!” 

 The CHSA program serves families who choose to homeschool their children. Students have the option to attend classes in core content areas and academics received at home. Lessons at home are guided by parents and supported by credentialed teachers. More information about the Charter Home Study Academy program can be found at chsa.edcoe.org or by calling 530-622-6984.


Sixth grade student, Olivia Kaihe, markets her "Dessert Imposter" cupcakes at CHSA's 19th Annual Craft Faire.


CUPrep Performs Treasure Island

Treasure Island - Thurs & Fri 7 PM, Sat at 5 PM

The Charter University Prep Drama Department is excited to present the timeless story of coming of age in 1774, Treasure Island, adapted by Ken Ludwig from Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel. We invite you to support our students as they combine enthusiasm, acting talent, technical skills, sword-fighting skills, collaboration, and fun.

Performances open to the public will be on Thursday and Friday, December 8 and 9 at 7 p.m., as well as a special matinee on Saturday, December 10 at 5 p.m. in the Gym on the Charles Brown Campus, 6520 Oak Dell Road, El Dorado, CA 95623.

Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for students; children under 12 are free.

Treasure Island is the story of Jim Hawkins during the Golden Age of Piracy on the High Seas. Jim, a cabin boy, played by Drake Lightfield, becomes a hero of opportunity in an era when young people like him joined the crews of ships to cross vast oceans, unaware of impending dangers yet naively ecstatic to chase the prospect of acquiring treasure among distant tropical islands. 

When the notorious Captain Flint’s treasure map is bequeathed to him, Hawkins must trust, ally with, and sometimes befriend, ladies and gentlemen much older and wiser than him—nomadic characters, often of questionable character, albeit their legendary swashbuckling reputations. The most colorful of these legendary buccaneers goes by the nickname “Swan,” masterfully played by Cassidy Tanis, aka “Long John Silver,” a convincing wordsmith with a silver tongue, a cocky pet parrot and uncanny manipulation skills. 

With the generous support and participation of her family, Treasure Island has become a labor of love for Charter University Prep junior McKenna Zacher, the play’s Student Director. Dan Zacher, her father, a local fireplace mantle manufacturer, donated both time and materials for the play’s unique and memorable custom set.

Drama teacher and Director, Pico van Houtryve proudly presents to you our fall production, Treasure Island, where our drama students continue to demonstrate Charter University Prep’s mission; engaging with complex ideas while contributing to our community.