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Charter University Prep Student Test Scores Shine

Students across California took new, electronic assessments this last spring, and El Dorado County Office of Education (EDCOE) Charter University Prep is pleased to announce that their students scored exceptionally well. In English, 75% of 7 th grade, 100% of 8th grade, and 97% of 11th grade students scored “meeting or exceeding” the state standards – a level of scores achieved by very few school in the state. In math, 7 th, 8th , and 11th grade students scored well, like many other schools in El Dorado County, which is among the highest scoring region in California.

EDCOE Charter University Prep serves 7th – 12th grade and provides the highest quality instruction and curriculum in math, science, the humanities, foreign languages, and the arts. The school systematically strengthen students’ abilities to be rational, independently minded citizens who communicate effectively and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

“We are proud of our students and are pleased that these scores validate our championed approach to learning. Our goals have always been to teach students how to think and communicate critically,” Charter University Prep Principal Mike Harris expressed. “Our teachers do an incredible job helping students understand both the big picture and the relevant details. Our parents and students take education seriously and the combination of all of these factors produces outstanding results, whether it is on state tests or preparation for college and life.”

The new assessments are computer-based tests that measure student knowledge of California’s English language arts and mathematics standards in grades 3-8 and 11. The assessment system provides students and teachers with a wider range of questions tailored to more accurately identify the knowledge and criticalthinking skills individual students have mastered.

Overall school results have been released by the State of California, and parents will receive individual student scores in the mail soon. The new assessments are too fundamentally different from the old exams to make any reliable comparisons between old scores and new. This year’s scores are better thought of as a starting point - - a baseline for the progress students will make over time.

Educators at Charter University Prep look forward to reviewing the detailed reports, as they become available in the next few weeks. “We are committed to continuing our mission to prepare students for success in their future education and careers,” Harris added. For more information regarding Charter University Prep, visit http://cuprep.edcoe.org/

Charter Career Prep Students Learn by Doing

Charter Career Prep students recently completed an innovative project that strengthened students’ math and critical thinking skills by designing and manufacturing scale model pool tables at every stage. The engaging, fun project is typical of the program, which emphasizes making learning relevant through hands-on projects and vocational opportunities. Students individually design their pool tables and then collaborate in groups of two or three to bring their ideas to life. El Dorado County Office of Education Charter Career Prep educators are passionate about providing tailored alternative education to ensure all students successfully transition to career or college opportunities.

During this project, table models and pool cues must be to scale and range from 6" by 12" to 24" by 48".  Students begin by researching full-size pool table dimensions, then scale down their measurements and design their table on paper. These tables must be fully functional with a ball return system to gather the balls for the next game.

Once the design and list of materials is completed, they start building. Frequently, students identify design-flaws or a better way of construction and must troubleshoot and revise their project. They finish the pool tables using felt and paint or stain.

“It makes math fun,” noted senior Rachel Seward. “I like learning math and woodshop skills at the same time while working with my hands and learning job skills.”

Charter Career Prep, which is located in the town of El Dorado, works to prepare students to be college and career ready through engaging, rigorous curriculum. Throughout this project, students learn drafting/drawing, scale calculations, and material measurements and use shop equipment to cut, sand, shape, fasten and drill. They also use skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. More information about Charter Career Prep can be found on the school’s website at ccp.edcoe.org or by calling (530) 621-2579. 

High school senior Rachel Seward and teacher Anne Rhoads work together to stabilize the table and adhere felt to the table’s top.


Extended Day Comes Back to School ‘Funtastically’

Extended Day child care team members from EDCOE were welcomed back from summer break with an “It’s Funtastic!” in-service training day.  The in-service, which is part of a regular professional development model, allowed staff to gain crucial knowledge on a variety of topics designed to ensure that Extended Day continues to provide outstanding service to families in the community. 


Guest speakers presented information on different ways to provide fun and engaging program elements for students, and in addition there was training on a variety of other topics, including epi-pen regulations and administration, common medical concerns, the program’s new website, and various personnel information. 

“The day was filled with positive energy, and our team received great training to ensure another successful school year,” Extended Day Program Supervisor Lori Scalaro expressed.

“Extended Day provides educationally enriching child care before, during, and after school on 22 schools sites throughout El Dorado County,” Scalaro added.  “I am proud of our team and their hard work delivering high-quality support and services to our students and families.”

More information about Extended Day can be found on the program’s website athttp://eday.edcoe.org/ or by calling (530) 295-2298. 


Charter Home Study Academy’s Craft Faire Brings Delights

Students, families, and educators came together and enjoyed beautiful crafts and tasty food produced by Charter Home Study Academy (CHSA) transitional kindergarten through eighth grade students at their 18th Annual Craft Faire, on November 19.  The multipurpose room at CHSA, located at the Charles Brown Education Center, was buzzing with activity as student vendors sold their homemade creations to appreciative customers of all ages. Students eagerly participated in the event by creating their own small business models and promoting and selling their products at the big event. 

“Participating in this faire, students gain valuable experience in economics, money management, and marketing,” noted Administrator Dianne Deitchman. Student products at this year’s faire included holiday decorations, bracelets, paintings, origami, and sumptuous food fare. 

The Craft Faire exemplifies the mission of the Charter Home Study Academy program, which emphasizes empowering students by building foundational skills and then applying those skills in ways that make learning engaging, relevant, and fun. The El Dorado County Office of Education CHSA program serves families who choose to home school their children. Students have the option to attend classes in core content areas, in addition to academics received at home guided by their parents and supported by credentialed teachers. 

 Transitional kindergartener Ava Pellegrini managed a booth where customers purchased a pre-decorated pet rock or shell and brought them to life with eyes and a mouth. Her goods were laid out on a blue display, and prices ranged from $0.50 to $1.50. “She has helped her sixth grade brother Kyle for the last two years with his booth, and this year she insisted on having her own,” expressed Ava’s mother Jennifer Pellegrini.  “So she made it happen, and it’s great to see her learning while being creative.”

Another sibling team was seventh grader Libby and fifth grader Renae Webb who shared a booth, pooled their recourses, and split the profits. “I am selling popcorn snacks with chocolate chips, and my sister and I made this display out of piping, ribbon, and fall decorations,” Libby proudly announced. “I really enjoy this project and had a lot of fun and learned a lot about money.”  

 After selling their wares, vendors visited classmates’ booths to barter and purchase goods.  Prizes were given in categories such as Master EntrepreneursBest MarketingBest Display, and Most Innovative Products.   More information about the Charter Home Study Academy program can be found at chsa.edcoe.org or by calling 530-622-6984.

Charter University Prep presents, "You Didn't Say it Was Haunted"

The Charter University Prep Drama Department is proud to present You Didn’t Say it Was Haunted by Michael Flynn, a three-act thriller: An eccentric movie director plans to make a film so scary that it could revive Alfred Hitchcock from the dead. Inside the old mansion, Mary, his loyal personal assistant, tours the rented location with Fortune, appropriate for his suspenseful production, complete with a decaying infrastructure and a spooky atmosphere. At the same time, unbeknownst to them, a club of young amateur photographers illegally trespasses to hold a meeting and have a party in the same old manor they think is uninhabited. A dangerous criminal then escapes from a nearby prison and shelters inside the old house. As several cameras roll, one harrowing event leads to another.

Left to right: Charter University Prep (CUP) students Noah Hancock, Petra Walsh, Shiloah Kelley, Victorria Heagy, Alexandra Stephenson, Julian Hernandez, Grace Harrison, McKenna Zacher, Cassidy Tanis and Colson Mueller rehearse "You Didn't Say it Was Haunted" by Michael Flynn in the Gym at CUP on Monday, November 19, 2015 (CUP photo by Micah Aleman) This is Mr. van Houtryve's fifth year teaching English, French, Drama and Photography at CUP. "You Didn't Say it Was Haunted" will be performed Thursday through Saturday December 3-5 at CUP. 

THE CAST and Crew of You Didn’t Say it Was Haunted by Michael Flynn
Mackenzie Mazen as PIPPA - Pretty, young member of the camera club.
Josef Hanson as BEN - Her boyfriend, also a photographer.
Forest Goddard as MR. FORTUNE - Mixed-up movie director.
Victorria Heagy as MARY - his attractive assistant.
Cassidy Tanis as DINAH - Ambitious leading lady.
Abby Petree as SERENA - A clever actress.
McKenna Zacher as LISA - A pretty, young hopeful.
Grace Harrison as ALICE - Her friend.
Riley Taresh as CORAL - An actress with ulterior motives.
Petra Walsh as BETH - Her accomplice.
Colson Mueller as FELIX MARCO - An escaped convict.
Shiloah Kelley as SHIRLEY - A camera club member.
Paytin Thrift as CLARIE - Another, complains a lot.
Riley Taresh as GAIL - Cute photographer.
Alexandra Stephensen as JOANNE - Her friend.
Petra Walsh as ANITA - Another member.
Noah Hancock as JACK - A handsome photographer.
Julian Hernandez as PETE - Likes girls more than photography.
Eliza Wollard as THE EXECUTIONER - A person of mystery.
Victorria Heagy as HELEN - A policewoman.
Director: Pico van Houtryve
Technical Director: Mike Harris
Student Director: Mackenzie Mazen
Assistant Student Director: Josef Hanson

We will perform two evening shows for the public on Thursday, December 3 and Friday, December 4 at 7 pm and also a Saturday afternoon show, December 5 at 5 pm. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for children. This is a PG-13 rated show.