Excellence in Education for the 21st Century

Staff Directory

Charter Alternative Programs

6767 Green Valley Road, Placerville, CA 95667
Phone - (530) 295-2259

Publicover, David Executive Director dpublicover@edcoe.org
Calligan, Mary mcalligan@edcoe.org
Dill, Lynda ldill@edcoe.org
Estrada-Fryer, Robin restradafryer@edcoe.org
Magallanez, Theresa tmagallanez@edcoe.org

Charter Home Study Academy

6520 Oak Dell Rd., El Dorado, CA 95623
Phone - (530) 622-6984

Deitchman Dianne, ddeitchman@edcoe.org
Adorjan, Linda ladorjan@edcoe.org
Bentley, Daryl dbentley@edcoe.org
Berringer, Theresa tberringer@edcoe.org
Byers, Carol cbyers@edcoe.org
Cockrell, Jamie jcockrell@edcoe.org
Dickerson, Collette cdickerson@edcoe.org
Donner, Julie jdonner@edcoe.org
Giacomini, Gina ggiacomini@edcoe.org
Hollingsworth, Cheryl chollingsworth@edcoe.org
Jardine, Kati kjardine@edcoe.org
Johnson, Janet jjohnson@edcoe.org
Martinez, Julie jmartinez@edcoe.org
Maseuli, Denise dmaseuli@edcoe.org
Parcher, Samantha sparcher@edcoe.org
Powell, Laurie lpowell@edcoe.org
Wedan, Roberta rwedan@edcoe.org
Wohlwend, Paula pwohlwend@edcoe.org

Charter Connections Academy 9-12

6767 Green Valley Road, Placerville CA 95667
Physical Address - Charles Brown Education Center - 6520 Oak Dell Rd, El Dorado CA 95623
Phone - (530) 622-7130 ext 2535
email - mbliss@edcoe.org

Harris, Mike mharris@edcoe.org
Bishop, Jolene jbishop@edcoe.org
Bliss, Michelle mbliss@edcoe.org
Bryant, Steve sbryant@edcoe.org
Caputo, Sharon scaputo@edcoe.org
Falkenstein, Jeanne jfalkenstein@edcoe.org
Maras, Ivan imaras@edcoe.org
Parcher, Samantha sparcher@edcoe.org
Reese, Carolyn creese@edcoe.org
Reichmann, Joseph jreichmann@edcoe.org
Reisinger, Melissa mreisinger@edcoe.org
Truesdale, Siobhan struesdale@edcoe.org
Whiteley, Cherri cwhiteley@edcoe.org

Charter University Prep 7-12

3987 Missouri Flat Rd, Suite 340, #355, Placerville, CA 95667
Physical Address - 6520 Oak Dell Rd., El Dorado CA 95623
Phone - (530) 622-8594 or 622-7130 ext. 2500
email - cuprep@edcoe.org

Harris, Mike mharris@edcoe.org
Taylor, Lisa ltaylor@edcoe.org
Eggert, WilleJune weggert@edcoe.org
Hartt, Jayne jhartt@edcoe.org
Heskett, Cheryl cheskett@edcoe.org
Hopman, Amy ahopman@edcoe.org
Kalabandi, Sudha skalabandi@edcoe.org
Kobza, Jeanine jkobza@edcoe.org
Neher, Alesha aneher@edcoe.org
Phelan, Vickie vphelan@edcoe.org
Reisinger, Melissa mreisinger@edcoe.org
Ruiz, Dolly druiz@edcoe.org
Truesdale, Siobhan struesdale@edcoe.org
vanHoutryve, Pico fvanhoutryve@edcoe.org
Wakefield, Carolyn cwakefield@edcoe.org
Wells, Kate kwells@edcoe.org

Charter College and Career Prep

6187 Pleasant Valley Rd. El Dorado, CA 95623
Phone - (530) 621-2569
Fax - (530) 621-2579

Mier, Federico fmier@edcoe.org
Wilkinson, Kym kwilkinson@edcoe.org
Booker, Doug dbooker@edcoe.org
Boyle, Lisa lboyle@edcoe.org
Bridges, Jeff jbridges@edcoe.org
Dimas, Benito bdimas@edcoe.org
Hollingsworth, Cheryl chollingsworth@edcoe.org
Kindelt, Susan skindelt@edcoe.org
Reynolds, Megan mreynolds@edcoe.org
Rhoads, Anne arhoads@edcoe.org
Rohrer, Chris crohrer@edcoe.org
Shelley, Gary gshelley@edcoe.org

Charter Adult Education

6767 Green Valley Road, Placerville, CA 95667
Phone - (530) 622-7130
email - ldill@edcoe.org

Sutherland, Gary gsutherland@edcoe.org
Baker, Susan sbaker@edcoe.org
Earl, Caroline cearl@edcoe.org
Grady, Pauline pgrady@edcoe.org
Klinghammer, Kirsten kklinghammer@edcoe.org
Nichols, Charity cnichols@edcoe.org
Seifert, Donna dseifert@edcoe.org

Charter Extended Day

6767 Green Valley Road, Placerville, CA 95667
Phone - (530) 295-2298
email - kkozlowski@edcoe.org

Deitchman, Dianne ddeitchman@edcoe.org
Scalaro, Lori lscalaro@edcoe.org
Bonzo, Lisa lbonzo@edcoe.org
Kozlowski, Kim kkozlowski@edcoe.org
McComb, Brenda bmccomb@edcoe.org
Molnar, Diedre dmolnar@edcoe.org
Nichols, Charity cnichols@edcoe.org
Rollings, Katy krollings@edcoe.org
Wehe, Debra dwehe@edcoe.org