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Charter Career Prep Students Explore the Future of Robotics

El Dorado County Office of Education’s Charter Career Prep school has introduced an innovative program examining the world of robotics through the career technical elements of programming, mechanical design, construction, and testing. This high energy program engages and challenges students to create robots from a box of metal strips, platforms, motors, and batteries.

 The program, which was designed by Career Prep teacher Doug Booker, provides students with real-world skills including collaboration, problem solving, computer science, and project management. Students focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) classroom activities, while learning the importance of communication and teamwork.

 “When I first started this class, I didn’t know anything about robots, and now I know how to program, design, and build a robot,” high school senior Brittany Ulrey expressed. The program, serving grades 7-12, also educates students about the variety of work opportunities available after graduation, including computer science.

 Recently, students learned how gear ratios and the robot’s weight impact performance. The students’ creations are tested by gliding, grasping, and catapulting balls across the classroom - skills they will use in competition with other students at the VEX Robotics tournament in Dublin, California, on January 9t.

 The robotics program is typical of the engaging, hands-on approach to learning students experience at Charter Career Prep. The school emphasizes career and vocational skills development in a nurturing, mentor-rich setting. Educators and staff focus on ensuring students successfully transition to career or college opportunities after graduation. For more information about Charter Career Prep, call (530) 295-4560 or visit ccp.edcoe.org

Charter Career Prep students Jace Young (junior) and Kalen Nelson (sophomore) collaboratively work on their robot.

Charter Career Prep students Jace Young (junior) and Kalen Nelson (sophomore) collaboratively work on their robot. 

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