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Charter University Prep presents, "You Didn't Say it Was Haunted"

The Charter University Prep Drama Department is proud to present You Didn’t Say it Was Haunted by Michael Flynn, a three-act thriller: An eccentric movie director plans to make a film so scary that it could revive Alfred Hitchcock from the dead. Inside the old mansion, Mary, his loyal personal assistant, tours the rented location with Fortune, appropriate for his suspenseful production, complete with a decaying infrastructure and a spooky atmosphere. At the same time, unbeknownst to them, a club of young amateur photographers illegally trespasses to hold a meeting and have a party in the same old manor they think is uninhabited. A dangerous criminal then escapes from a nearby prison and shelters inside the old house. As several cameras roll, one harrowing event leads to another.

Left to right: Charter University Prep (CUP) students Noah Hancock, Petra Walsh, Shiloah Kelley, Victorria Heagy, Alexandra Stephenson, Julian Hernandez, Grace Harrison, McKenna Zacher, Cassidy Tanis and Colson Mueller rehearse "You Didn't Say it Was Haunted" by Michael Flynn in the Gym at CUP on Monday, November 19, 2015 (CUP photo by Micah Aleman) This is Mr. van Houtryve's fifth year teaching English, French, Drama and Photography at CUP. "You Didn't Say it Was Haunted" will be performed Thursday through Saturday December 3-5 at CUP. 

THE CAST and Crew of You Didn’t Say it Was Haunted by Michael Flynn
Mackenzie Mazen as PIPPA - Pretty, young member of the camera club.
Josef Hanson as BEN - Her boyfriend, also a photographer.
Forest Goddard as MR. FORTUNE - Mixed-up movie director.
Victorria Heagy as MARY - his attractive assistant.
Cassidy Tanis as DINAH - Ambitious leading lady.
Abby Petree as SERENA - A clever actress.
McKenna Zacher as LISA - A pretty, young hopeful.
Grace Harrison as ALICE - Her friend.
Riley Taresh as CORAL - An actress with ulterior motives.
Petra Walsh as BETH - Her accomplice.
Colson Mueller as FELIX MARCO - An escaped convict.
Shiloah Kelley as SHIRLEY - A camera club member.
Paytin Thrift as CLARIE - Another, complains a lot.
Riley Taresh as GAIL - Cute photographer.
Alexandra Stephensen as JOANNE - Her friend.
Petra Walsh as ANITA - Another member.
Noah Hancock as JACK - A handsome photographer.
Julian Hernandez as PETE - Likes girls more than photography.
Eliza Wollard as THE EXECUTIONER - A person of mystery.
Victorria Heagy as HELEN - A policewoman.
Director: Pico van Houtryve
Technical Director: Mike Harris
Student Director: Mackenzie Mazen
Assistant Student Director: Josef Hanson

We will perform two evening shows for the public on Thursday, December 3 and Friday, December 4 at 7 pm and also a Saturday afternoon show, December 5 at 5 pm. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for children. This is a PG-13 rated show.

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