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The El Dorado County Youth Commission gives students the opportunity to be involved with their community and make a difference.  Our structure and processes are similar to the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors.  As part of the Youth Commission students have the opportunity to make decisions that will impact their community in a positive way.  Students have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and gain government experience.

Each student is a representative of a specific District in El Dorado County and works in conjunction with that District’s County Supervisor.  Throughout the year the members of the Youth Commission work on projects that are important to the youth of the community.  Ideas are brought forward from members of the Commission and from youth throughout the county.

For additional information or questions, please contact Kate Wells at kwells@edcoe.org .

Youth Commissioners Join County Supervisors for Annual Shadow Day

On Tuesday, January 24th, the El Dorado County Youth Commission participated in the annual Shadow Day, where the Youth Commissioners join the County Board of Supervisors during one of the Board’s regularly scheduled meetings.  The students gained valuable insight into how local government operates, how the Board manages issues and policies, and how to run a formal meeting.  Misbah Shafi, Youth Commission Chair and a senior at Oak Ridge High School, stated, “It was a great learning experience!  We are very appreciative of our Board of Supervisors and the El Dorado County Office of Education for providing this wonderful program.” 

The Youth Commissioners enjoyed participating in the proceedings as well as discussing ideas with the Supervisors from the perspective of youth.  "We really enjoyed having the Youth Commissioners join us,” noted Shiva Frentzen, Chair and District II Supervisor. “They bring a fresh perspective to our county's concerns, and we appreciate their insights.” 

Each year the County Board of Supervisors appoints interested students to the Youth Commission to engage students in local government.  Through the program, students gain valuable leadership skills as well as being able to share the perspective of youth regarding local issues.

“We value the opportunity that the Youth Commission provides for our county’s students to become involved in our local government,” noted Dr. Ed Manansala, County Superintendent of Schools. “The program plays an important role in helping our youth see the value in becoming informed and productive citizens.”

El Dorado County Youth Commissioners enjoyed Shadow Day with the Board of Supervisors.  Pictured left to  right:  John Hidahl, Misbah Shafi, Shiva Frentzen, Tifany Wong, Brian Veerkamp, Sidney Esparza, Sue Novasel, Christian Anglin, Michael Ranalli, Joseph Goulart.

Our first meeting:  2016-17 El Dorado County Youth Commission


Meet the 2016-17 Youth Commissioners

Christian Anglin

I would like to organize more activities in our community that would promote leadership and self-responsibility. I would also add a program that would promote those that don't have the greatest of grades, but who are improving.

Sidney Esparza

One of the biggest issues I feel that youth face in our community is mixed messages through social media about self-love and beauty. As commissioner, I would help promote how youth could view themselves through positivity and self-images.

Joseph Goulart

I would like to add new businesses and infrastructure to the community to not only enhance it, but provide youth fun and safe places to go. As commissioner, I would give businesses incentives to grow in El Dorado County.

Misbah Shafi

I would like to create unity and bonding events for the community, youth conferences, and public events to address social and environmental issues. I would like to create these events to create unity within the community as well as show how some issues can affect a person and a community.

Paytin Thrift

I've always enjoyed the slow pace of El Dorado County. It is very laid back, rural and historical, which I love. As commissioner, I put my heart and soul into everything I do.

Tifany Wong

My goal is to raise mental health awareness among the youth in our county, and promote healthy lifestyles. I want to be able to bring the mental health trainings to all of the schools of the county, so all of the teachers, students, and staff may have a chance to partake in it.