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Wellness Plan

Mental Health Resources for Students and Parents:

The Charter Alternative Programs and El Dorado County Office of Education are committed to supporting the lifelong success of students, including providing information to students and families on how to access mental health and other support services while on campus, within El Dorado County, and regionally. These resources are available on our school websites under the Resources drop-down menu, or you can access these pages directly through the links below. They include resources and contact information for students in crisis.

Charter has added health coaching services for students this year, which are available on a limited basis at our CCP, CHSA, CCA, and CUPrep school sites.

Please contact your school’s office, visit your school’s website, or check the newest version of our Student/Parent Handbook (available on our website) if you would like additional information:

Crisis Intervention Hotlines and Resources:

El Dorado County Health, Mental Health, & Other Support Resources:

Other Resources: