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Charter Students Come Together to Game

Students from Charter Alternative Programs held their first gaming event of the 2018-19 school year on Friday, August 31st. This Welcome Back gathering was open to all 6th through 12th-grade students attending Charter Connections Academy (CCA), Charter Home Study Academy (CHSA), and Charter University Prep (CUP). Levi Ainsworth, a member of the CCA student leadership, organized the event to bring students together in a setting outside of the classroom. “Gaming is a great way to get students to interact who may not know each other very well. We play a variety of video game systems,  so there is a game for everyone!” exclaimed Ainsworth.

Wyatt Wells and Timothy Moss, students from Charter University Prep and Charter Connections Academy, ‘came to hang out and play games together, as explained by Wells. Steven Bryant, Coordinator for CCA elaborated, The games are all family-friendly and allow the kids from various programs to get to know each other while having a great time. It doesn’t matter which Program you attend, it’s all about exercising your skills, making friends, and having fun”.

Charter Home Study Academy K-8 invests in families who choose to be active participants in their children’s education. Charter Connection Academy’s (9-12) mission is to prepare students for success in future careers and targeted advanced education.  Charter University Prep (7-12) students take rigorous academic courses as well as advanced courses at Folsom Lake College during their Junior and Senior years.

For more information on the programs available at Charter Alternative Programs, please go to charter.edcoe.org.


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