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"Mathquerade Ball" at CHSA!

Charter Home Study Academy’s fourth-grade core class celebrated their mastery of multiplication facts with a Multiplication “Mathquerade” Ball.  Throughout the year students have been working on using the four mathematical operations to solve problems, to practice the academic language of math, and to generate and analyze patterns.  To celebrate and demonstrate their abilities, teacher Sue Beaudette created the “Mathquerade” Mystery Ball.  Using terms in the academic language of multiplication such as factor and product, students had to determine which numbers were “invited to the ball”. 

Principal, Steve Bryant, and middle school teachers, Coral Brunet and Julie Donner made guest appearances during the ball to provide more mathematical sentences and to allow students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge. 

“The students enjoyed having the staff come in and celebrate their skills. This gives the students a new avenue to engage in the standards and to demonstrate their abilities in a fun and interactive way,” stated Sue Beaudette. The students added that they loved making the masks and were excited to show off their knowledge. 

The Mathquerade Ball is the most recent of many activities at CHSA that not only make learning fun and engaging, but also facilitate enriching social events for home school families.

Charter Home Study Academy K-8 (CHSA) program is a public school option that provides support for families choosing to educate their children at home. Parents facilitate daily lessons, enrichment activities, and correct student’s work. Parents choose from a variety of program options including half-day, twice-weekly classes in grades K-5, full-day, twice-weekly classes for grades 6-8, art-based writing labs, music programs, and skills improvement labs. Staff and parents collaborate to create an individualized academic plan for each student. For more information on the programs or to enroll a student, please call (530) 622-6984 or go to www.chsa.edcoe.org.

"Mathquerade" students at CHSA!

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