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October 14 – 18 is Wellness Week

The El Dorado County Youth Commission is a group of dedicated High School students from throughout the county, appointed by the County Board of Supervisors and County Office of Education, to represent the voice of local youth. The website is YChealth.org.

The Youth Commission has created a website to support students with resources about mental health and wellness. The Commission also supports that good mental health is as much about each student’s mental, emotional, and spiritual state as it is about their physical condition.

Self-Wellness Week is a student-driven awareness campaign to help create a community culture where students can and are comfortable with reaching out for support to connect with a peer, trusted adult, or professional when feeling overwhelmed. You may see blue and green bracelets being worn by our students as a reminder that embracing wellness is a strength of character. It is our hope this is a signal to others to be part of a healthy community. Thank you for all you do for our students and school community. Be well!

Take a look at their website and view the short video, featuring several of our high school students.


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