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Resources for Online Curriculum and Instruction

Although the COVID-19 closures are not easy for anyone, especially if you have children at home, our mission remains the same: providing our families with the best educational support possible. Though there are many challenges, our staffs are working very hard on further improving our support and outreach.  This includes making steady progress in improving our online curriculum support, as well as connecting with our students on a regular basis through a variety of methods. Each of our schools is tailoring its approach to best meet the needs of its student population.

Even during this challenging situation, we can create positives together. This unprecedented event is not only an opportunity to dedicate more time with family, it is also an opportunity to share resources that many of our alternative learning and home school families and teachers use on a regular basis.  These resources will help families discover reliable distance learning experiences or expand on what many teachers have already assigned to students. For teachers, looking for new online activities, these resources will help prepare exciting and interactive distance learning lessons. 

It is important to note that this resource is not a replacement for the activities a teacher has assigned, but it is a valuable tool to help enhance learning in this new educational environment.  

Please visit our new online curriculum resource website here and know that we are adding new resources every day! The website is designed to allow our families to quickly find subject level resources at the elementary, middle school, or high school level. 

Resources for Online Curriculum and Instruction




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